WUC Amsterdam aims to be a sustainable event. Together with the Jaap Eden Ice Rink we take steps to make this possible. On this page we explain what we, as organizing committee, and the Jaap Eden Ice Rink do to make this tournament as sustainable as possible.

Energy use

Keeping an open ice rink in good conditions, requires a lot of energy. The Jaap Eden Ice Rink solely uses 100% sustainable energy from Dutch windmills. Also, the heat generated by the cooling system is used to both heat the water for the ice preparation and to keep the restaurant at comfortable temperatures. This way we can enjoy the fine conditions on and around the track, and skate with a clean conscience.

Plastic use

The “plastic soup” in the oceans gets bigger by the day. We as organizing committee do not want to contribute to that cause. That’s why during this tournament no disposable plastic cups will be used.

More info

We will keep you updated about sustainability on our social media channels.