Health Precautions

As of now, we have received no directions from either the State Institute for Public Health, the International Skating Union, or the University Boards to cancel the event. We will therefore continue our preparations as usual, with the addition of a Disease Prevention Protocol:

    • Upon arrival, athletes will have to complete a Health Check Questionnaire  in order to receive their accreditation.
    • An educational sheet on the virus , provided by the ISU, as well as general hygiene instructions will be uploaded on the website and the app.
    • Based on the questionnaires, we will establish a high-risk monitoring group which will have to do a mandatory temperature check, and a short health check and additional temperature check on the consecutive days.
    • Whenever there is a suspicion of a corona-infection, we will act according to the flowchart “Telefonische triage coronavirus”  as provided by the Dutch General Practitioner Society (NHG).
    • In coordination with the Ibis Amsterdam South Hotel, we have a crisis protocol in place to contain the virus spreading in case of a diagnosed infection.

 We urge any athlete or official experiencing symptoms related to the virus to immediately contact the competition representative via phone on +31655842939. From there, the case is taken up with the medical team and the GGD (Municipal Health Service).

We sincerely hope that we have sufficiently informed you on the situation, and we are confident that despite the situation we can host the FISU WUC Speed Skating 2020 as we have always intended.


the Organizing Committee